FāVS: Going Gangnam Style

By Brien Pittman

Since I started writing for FaVS it’s always been encouraging to see writers and readers conscientiously striving to lead lives that reflect mutual respect and understanding of those different from ourselves.

Everyone should be very proud that an ever growing number of people from little ole Spokane are part of an ever growing larger number of people world wide.

Let’s admit it though. Applying mutual respect, honest self-reflection and change to ‘our’ mentalities is definitely not always easy. If it were, we would have a much different world. At times it can be hard work just getting along. Thankfully, it gets easier each time we practice this form of mature spirituality and mindful love and respect.

But, you gotta admit: The whole thing is kind of funny when you get right down to the nitty gritty of things. All this time: We’ve been more alike, more often, than we sometimes like to admit. For instance, who among us, no matter where they are in the world, doesn’t want to be happy, and for their families and loved ones to be happy and safe?

That’s a pretty big piece of common ground that I believe we can build on. So, let’s take a collective break and unite even more by:

Goin’ Gangnam Style!! 

Don’t know what Gangnam style is? No worries, just ‘turn up the volume’ click on the videos and enjoy one of the most special moments life has to offer.

First up, an obvious prodigy, and her reserved partner. From the country that gave us Gangnam Style -Beautiful Korea!

Now you know what Gangnam Style is. And babies love dancing to it which is one of the most special moments in life because its hard to surpass a happy dancin’ baby.

If that doesn’t put a smile on your face, warm the old heart and make you forget about all the divisions going on in the world; then you’re probably a Sith.

In fact, that is number three on the list of “Ten ways to know if you are a Sith.”


Next we have competition like skills from a little guy I affectionately refer to as Poindexter. He’s got the moves and he’s breaking hearts.

Take it away!

I don’t know about you, but, at my age just watching Poindexter makes my lower back hurt but, still puts a smile on my face.

Just when we thought it couldn’t possibly get any better…

Two Babies Dancing!  Arggggh! Somebody slap me, I’m slipping into hysterics!


Checkout the Groove Brothers. One’s a style purist, the other excels in self directed freestyle. What do their dance moves have in common?

They both gotta have the Gangnam.

(Be sure to look for their signature synchronized move)

Let it roll!

Finally, a double dose of two of the great things life has to offer. A dancing Gangnam Style baby and a child’s laughter.

Hit it!

Well, there you have it!

Some of the worlds foremost superstars of the Gangnam Style dance groove.

I don’t know about you, but, I feel incredible and getting better.

And why not, here we are together on FāVS; for however long it took to read this article, and the whole time we were united in our joy, our smiles and our love for dancing babies.

Despite the different cause’s, we champion, the groups we advocate; and despite all the other things that could possibly divide us, we were all just completely united.

Oh sure, we didn’t remove corruption, solve world hunger or the “Is Harry Potter Real?” mystery but, we were together — effortlessly.

This was fun. We should continue to increase our focus on removing the obstacles that prevent us from getting together more often. I’ll bring the Gangnam and Eric can bring the PBR.

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