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Ginny Owens has always driven her own music, and in her latest album “Get In, I’m Driving,” she’s in the driver’s seat again. It actually came out in the Fall of 2011, but I missed it. I didn’t get the flood of Twitter and marketing announcements that usually accompany a new album. I’m not sure there were any. 

I first heard Owens when I was driving. Really. I remember it distinctly because the song I Am came on the radio, and I was so blown away I had to pull over. I had grown up loving the 70’s style progressive music, but I couldn’t get into the grunge and unplugged alternative of the 90’s, so I dropped out. Owens introduced me to alternative music all over again, but a style that was more creative, eclectic, and brighter. Her songwriting skills don’t depend upon heavy instrumentation like so many other groups in her genre. She doesn’t copy the musical styles of the day like most pop singers. She’s always creative, always unique, always driving. 

This time, Get In, I’m Driving might be less experimental.  There are touches of jazz and gospel in some of the tracks, and more of a pop sound then I’ve heard in the past. But the songwriting is of the highest quality. She’s one of the best of her class. Check it out and tell me what you think.

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