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Freedom and Justic Potluck Seder to be held tonight on Saranac rooftop

A Freedom and Justice Potluck Seder will be held today at 6:20 p.m. on the rooftop of the Saranac Building.

The event is hosted by The DSA Jewish Solidarity Caucus — an organization seeking to renew the Jewish socialist tradition, to combat antisemitism, and to forge solidarity between Jews and other oppressed people.

According to an announcement, “We will be celebrating passover, a holiday about escape from oppressive violence and slavery towards home and safety.”

The Potluck Seder will include the reading of texts and time to ask questions.

“The themes of our Seder include anti-colonialism and anti-occupation of Palestine, whose people are denied the right of return to their homes and are so frequently denied their rights to food, water, and life. We will also discuss the themes of Passover in the contexts of others currently harmed by and fighting colonialism in our local communities,” the announcement reads.

During Passover, Jewish Kosher practice means not eating leavened breads or similar leavened foods. Guests are asked to bring a vegetarian potluck dish (ex: lentils, rice, potatoes) without leavened ingredients and/or non-alcoholic wine alternative if able so we can be sure to have a kosher/halal event.

Donations are welcome at venmo: https://venmo.com/mishalehm.

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