Finding Joy: 6 Remarkable Ways to Live a More Remarkable Life

Finding Joy: 6 Remarkable Ways to Live a More Remarkable Life

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Every person on the planet is unique. Naturally, there is no singular recipe for finding joy. Ultimately, it comes down to your personality, your likes, your relationships, your interests, and how you deal with negative events. 

However, most people don’t know themselves well enough to understand what they need to be happy. That may sound counter-intuitive but think about it. Most of us spend the majority of our time working or zoning out to our electronics. 

To truly understand how you will most enjoy life, you need to take a step back from it all.

Not sure where to begin? No worries, we’re here to help. Keep reading for six remarkable ways to live a more remarkable life.

1. Spend Time Getting to Know Yourself

How much of your life do you spend on “autopilot?” This includes time at work, time scrolling through social media, time watching TV, etc.

Do you ever just sit in silence, alone in your thoughts? Do you ever spend time with yourself unencumbered by distractions?

If the answer to these questions is “no,” it’s time to start changing that. Spend at least 20 minutes a day in quiet meditation, allowing yourself to be still. For some people, this might be boring or uncomfortable. 

However, sitting in silence is one of the best ways to get to know yourself.

What are your fears? What are your goals? What makes you feel fulfilled?

2. Invest in Personal Growth

Finding happiness, for most people, involves mental, emotional, and spiritual growth. No one on earth is perfect and no one ever will be. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t work to become your best self. 

For most of us, personal growth means working on our inherent flaws, bad habits, and inadequacies. Now, this doesn’t mean you’re not a beautiful human being just the way you are. However, there’s no harm in self-improvement. 

Perhaps you’re too sensitive, always taking things personally? Maybe you’re a bit narcissistic and need to work on putting other people’s needs ahead of your own? Maybe you are notoriously ill-tempered and impatient?

3. Improve Your Personal Relationships

The personal relationships in our lives have the potential to make us happy and fulfilled. Conversely, they can make us miserable and resentful. As such, part of finding joy requires an audit of our relationships with others. 

However, we must warn you not to look at struggling relationships and assume it’s all on the other person. A relationship is a two-way street. While you may not be the primary cause of strife, you are likely a part of it.

If the relationship is important to you, do everything in your power to make it better. This means being open and honest about your feelings. It also means compromising and making changes to keep your side of the street clean. 

Unfortunately, it’s necessary to recognize when a relationship is no longer a positive factor in your life. We often outgrow our friendships, which can lead to negative feelings and resentment on both sides.

In some cases, ending a relationship is the healthiest thing you can do for yourself and the other person. Though this may not seem like a good way to be happy, it’s one of the most imperative life lessons.  

4. Find Fulfillment in What You Do

When most people read this heading, they immediately associate “what they do” with their job. While this can certainly be true, the two are not mutually inclusive. In other words, you don’t have to rely on what you do for a living to fulfill yourself. 

For example, you might enjoy your work and get paid well for what you do, even if it doesn’t make you feel like you’re actively accomplishing your purpose. This doesn’t mean you should change jobs or take unnecessary career risks. However, it’s another story entirely if your job makes you miserable or is in direct misalignment with who you are. 

Regardless, find joy in life by doing things that make you feel complete outside of work. This could mean volunteering your time to help those in need, pursuing a creative hobby, donating money to charity, etc. For more information, check out this book about finding peace.

5. Pursue Financial Freedom

Money doesn’t buy happiness. In many cases, the saying “more money, more problems” rings true. 

However, financial insecurity can rob you of happiness just as quickly. In most cases, struggling to make ends meet leads to depression, hopelessness, and extreme anxiety. In other words, financial strife can prevent you from finding joy. 

Sadly, over 60% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck. If you find yourself in this category, don’t despair, there are several solutions to your problem. For example, here are some quick life hacks to earn more, save more, and spend less:

  • Implement a debt-payoff strategy
  • Get a part-time gig (Uber driver, yard care, babysitting, dog walking, online content creation, etc.)
  • Donate blood plasma once a month
  • Rent out a spare room to help pay the rent/mortgage
  • Downgrade your car
  • Sell unused, unneeded, and unwanted stuff online
  • Limit dining out and ordering in
  • Only pay for one TV/movie streaming service
  • And more.

As you can see, it’s actually quite easy to improve your financial situation. It will just take time, dedication, and a little bit of sacrifice. 

6. Practice Reframing Your Thoughts

Finally, learning how to be happy and find joy in life can be as simple as learning how to reframe your thoughts. As we go through life and have a wide range of experiences, we begin to develop thought patterns. Some are good, some are bad.

The more we indulge in these thought patterns, the more quickly we fall back on them, usually without a second thought. Our mind has neurological pathways that only become stronger the more frequently we think about something, respond emotionally, etc. 

One of the most important life lessons for finding joy is learning how to control these thought patterns. When something bad happens, don’t immediately fall into sadness, grief, anger, or frustration. Train yourself to react from a higher place of understanding and acceptance. 

For example, if someone cuts you off on the way to work, instead of reacting with road rage, embrace the truth that you don’t know what’s going on in that person’s life.

Maybe they didn’t see you? Maybe their parent or loved one just died? Maybe they just found out their spouse is cheating on them?

Additionally, remember that you also make mistakes, act selfishly, and are far from perfect. When we approach life from this angle, it makes it easier to forgive and forget. After all, holding onto hate is like poisoning yourself and hoping the other person gets sick. 

Need More Help Finding Joy?

Life is full of ups and downs. You’re going to experience moments of intense sadness, frustration, and anger. This is unavoidable. 

However, you can work to become truly happy in your life. Follow the life tips for finding joy listed above to start making positive improvements. 

And if you’re looking for more valuable insight, check out some of our other articles before you go. Our blog was created to help our readers live their best lives. 

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