Ferguson, Night 3, Photo by Loavesofbread/Wikipedia

Ferguson Three Months Later


By Ernesto Tinajero

TThe Soldiers of the Imperial Army, 
dressed in red garb worthy of a modern 
political convention, come in support
of the power of violence. The take 
the children of the poor, the toddler
boys only, and put them to the sword.
King Herod fear the baby boys, you see. 

Rachel weeps for her children. The men
of mammon and guns fly banners
freedom, and yet Jesus remains
with us, reminding us of his Way,
Truth and Life, which rises through 
his love in victory. 

They wipe clean the street of blood, 
the cameras have moved on, but
the cross remains, the tears remain
and Michael Brown joins the risen 
Lord. God remembers as we forget. 

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Here is the video of the poem inspired by The Massacre of the Innocents is at Matthew 2:16–18 as inspiration for remembering Ferguson shooting.http://youtu.be/Y2G4hPmholc

Liv Larson Andrews


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