Saturday’s “Coffee Talk” will focus on Violence and the Sacred

Join us at Boots Bakery at 10 a.m Saturday for our second Coffee Talk where we'll discuss Violence and the Sacred.

Can we find a non-violent God? Or when it comes to faith is some violence necessary? Some believe that violence may be acceptable in fulfilling God's purpose, while others feel God's purpose is for us abandon violence. But what is the definition of violence?

At our last Coffee Talk, which was held at Chairs Coffee, we began to discuss this issue and we want to take it further this time around. We also want to explore how it relates to the community we live in.

Some of our writers will be tackling this subject over the next few weeks as we prepare for this discussion. We invite you to follow along and participate in this upcoming conversation.

Boots is located at 24 Main St.

More details are available on our Facebook page.

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