Featured conversation: Should women be allowed to fight in combat?


Each week we highlight the article or commentary on the Spokane Faith & Values website that's generated the most dialogue because we believe there's value in these discussions.

This week's featured conversation comes from our Viewpoints question, “Should women be allowed to fight in combat?”

Recently the Pentagon decided to rescind its 1994 policy banning women in combat that kept them from holding about 230,000 combat positions in the military. We asked our panelists what there thoughts were on this decision and their responses got lots of feedback.

Eric sarcastically said if we send women into combat, why not send children or anyone else who can hold a gun? The Rev. Deb Conklin responded by saying allowing women to fight in combat allows them the opportunity for equal pay in the military.

The conversation continues here.

What do you think? Let us know.

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