Though President Abraham Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation formally freed American slaves in 1863, the debate continues as to whether their descendants should be paid reparations. CREDIT HISTORY.COM/THE HISTORY CHANNEL

FāVS on Spokane Public Radio: One View of Reparations

Today on the Inland Journal podcast, FāVS Columnist Mark Azzara, who recently penned, “Reparations? Yes, for all!” shares his view on the debate about reparations.

One of the thornier contemporary debates in the U.S. centers on whether the country should pay reparations to the families of men and women who served as slaves in the years before the Emancipation Proclamation. There are other nuances to the debate as well. Are people in other ethnic groups that suffered murder and oppression also deserving of compensation? If so, how do we determine how much is sufficient? Is there any way to accurately measure what’s sufficient?

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