VIDEO: FāVS Is Reading Chats with “An Everyday Cult” Author Gerette Buglion Saturday

VIDEO FāVS Is Reading Chats with “An Everyday Cult” Author Gerette Buglion Saturday

On Saturday the FāVS Is Reading book club held a discussion with “An Everyday Cult” author Gerette Buglion.

Buglion’s memoir was FāVS Is Reading’s fall 2021 book club choice. At this event, she shared some further insights into cults, how the writing process went in telling her tale, and fielded questions from those on the Zoom call.

Attendees were not limited to those who have read the book, which, according to Amazon’s description, is “A personal memoir and a wake-up call for society to recognize and reject the erosion of critical thinking, ‘An Everyday Cult’ is an essential read for understanding how people fall prey to mind control and cultic manipulation.”

Steve Hassan, author of “Combating Cult Mind Control” and “The Cult of Trump” reviewed the book saying, “In ‘An Everyday Cult,’ Gerette Buglion shares her passion to educate others about the prevalence and dangers of undue influence. Few cult memoirs offer such depth of knowledge about coercive dynamics and the universal human experience of abuse of power. Her good storytelling and nuanced writing guides the reader through the twists and turns of human vulnerability while also inspiring determination, resilience, and hope.”

SpokaneFāVS editor, Tracy Simmons, wrote a story on the author in June of this year, and book club organizer, Cassy Benefield, thought this would make an excellent choice for their next book.

“I think many, if not all, of us, have past experiences that were cult-like or cultish that we are deprogramming and some of us have experienced a full-blown cult,” said Benefield. “So reading Gerette’s memoir about her 18 years in a cult will be something I think we can all benefit from, especially in light of the political cults of our day.”

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