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FāVS Featured on Public Radio Program Interfaith Voices

This week SpokaneFāVS was featured on the syndicated public radio program, Interfaith Voices (now called Inspired).

The episode, “Football, Faith, and America’s Civil Religion” included a conversation with FāVS editor and founder Tracy Simmons, who explains why she started the FāVS project.

“In Spokane, Washington state’s second-largest city, we hear how Tracy Simmons sustains a new platform for a growing community of people of faith and “no faith” to connect both online and in-person.”

Hear the audio here.

Listen the full episode here, which took a closer look at the intersection of football and pastoral care.

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Interfaith Voices is an independent public radio show fostering interfaith understanding by providing engaging conversation about religion, across many traditions and beliefs. We explore how faith intersects with culture, public policy, and the news of the day. As the nation's only public radio show exclusively about religion, we are a vital source of knowledge about how religious belief shapes our world.

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