Bishop James Waggoner reads about airplanes to a group of children at Stone Soup Cafe

#FAVSChallenge continues


By Tracy Simmons

Last week SpokaneFAVS launched a Random Act of Kindness Challenge— #FAVSChallenge — daring people to partake in at least one random act of kindness.

The challenge must be documented and those who fail must donate $25 to SpokaneFAVS. The goal of the challenge is inspire a wave of goodwill across Spokane, the Inland Northwest and beyond!

So far several challengers have accepted.

Photo by Patty Bruininks
Photo by Patty Bruininks

Patty Bruininks was the first to complete the #FAVSChallenge. She baked cookies for the folks in Facilities Services at Whitworth University. “They always work so hard to make the campus beautiful at the beginning of the school year and all year round. This was especially challenging this year due to the storm that felled dozens of trees, many of them huge Ponderosa Pines,” she said.

In turn, Bruininks challenged Nicole Sheets, Gifti Abera, and Rhiannon Batson.

Bishop James Waggoner reads about airplanes to a group of children at Stone Soup Cafe
Bishop James Waggoner reads about airplanes to a group of children at Stone Soup Cafe

The second Random Act of Kindness comes from James Waggoner, bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Spokane. He showed up at Stone Soup Cafe on Thursday morning and told a group of children all about airplanes during story time. He passed the #FAVSChallenge to the Rev. Martin Elfert, Rev. Bill Osborne and Rev. Margaret Fisher.

The final participant to complete the challenge so far is Rev. Andy CastroLang, who bought lunch for a friend without them knowing she paid the tab. She photographed the receipt to prove it, but hasn’t yet passed the baton.


Will you participate in this fun challenge?


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Jan Shannon

I’m gunna do it…still trying to think of what to do…I need more suggestions!!


Love that so many people have accepted the #FAVSChallenge!

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