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Faith isn’t ‘normal’

By Mark Azzara

Dear Friend,

I have been back to “normal” for several weeks since my summer among the poor ended. I’m once again working with my church’s long-range planning group and the men’s study group, worshiping in that church and my prayer group. My new year at the soup kitchen starts in roughly one week. As usual, I plan to bake cookies for, and wash dishes after, the next Christian coffeehouse. But my comfort zone is gone – i.e., I no longer know what’s normal. I am in a really uncomfortable place, unsure what comes next, and that’s precisely where God wants me because that’s when I listen closely for him to spell things out. He gave me this summer experience without me having to pay for lodging or half of my food, and I can’t wait to see what path he has in mind for me next. And God wants you to say that about your life, too, because that’s what faith is.

All God’s blessings – Mark


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