Faith Feast: together experiencing interfaith Spokane

Faith Feast guests learn about Sikhism while eating an entree at the Sikh Gudwara of Spokane.
Faith Feast guests learn about Sikhism while eating an entree at the Sikh Gudwara of Spokane.

On Sunday Spokane Faith & Values celebrated its first anniversary with a successful progressive interfaith dinner.

With the help of nine volunteers, 21 guests were able to experience the Spokane Islamic Center, the Sikh Gudwara of Spokane and Millwood Community Presbyterian Church.

The fundraiser brought in about $1,000 for this news organization.

Thank you to our hosts for opening your hospitality, thank you to the Rev. Paul Rodkey of Bethany Presbyterian Church for providing transportation and thank you to all our guests for being willing to immerse yourselves in cultures and faith communities unfamiliar to you.

Our guests are encouraging us to do the dinner again.

This event is another way Spokane Faith & Values is working to educate the community about the faith traditions that make up this city. 

If you were unable to attend, but want to support this website, which is a non-profit news organization, you can make donations anytime online or through the U.S. mail at P.O Box 8416, Spokane, WA 99203.

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Kellie Kotraba

So glad your event went so well, Tracy! Sounds fun – and delicious!

Eric Blauer

I hope someone is going to write something personal and reflective on the meaning and witness of such an event. I think it’s a great testimony to the need and opportunity of working out the challenges of breaking down walls.

Tracy Simmons

I would LOVE is someone wrote a reflection about this event (other than myself). We got comment cards back and the feedback’s been incredible – but it would be good for the readers to have something to read, too!

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