The Spokane Buddhist Temple/Tracy Simmons

Faith Feast: Spokane Buddhist Temple


The Spokane Buddhist Temple/Tracy Simmons
The Spokane Buddhist Temple/Tracy Simmons

The Spokane Buddhist Temple will be the first stop for Faith Feast: An Interfaith Progressive Dinner on March 30.

The dinner, a fundraiser for Spokane Faith & Values, will begin with appetizers at the temple, then guests will travel to Temple Beth Shalom for an entree then have dessert at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Spokane Stake.

About the Spokane Buddhist Temple

The Spokane Buddhist Temple was established in 1945 and is centered around the Japanese Shin branch on Buddhism. Sangha services, which are held Sunday mornings, are hosted by one of three minister’s assistants. The temple is run entirely by volunteers. Though founded in Japanese heritage, all services are held in English and most members are non-Japanese.  The Spokane Buddhist Temple also holds food bazaars in the spring and fall.

About the food

Unlike other branches of Buddhism, Shin Buddhists are not vegetarian. Since this sect of Buddhist originated in Japan, the temple’s festivals always feature traditional Japanese dishes. At the Spokane Buddhist Temple master chefs Jun Yugawa and Eileen Tanaka prepare the menu.

Buy tickets to Faith Feast!

Suggested donation prices for tickets are $50 per person or $80 for a pair.

To purchase tickets, call 509-240-1830 or send an email totracysimmons@spokanefavs.com. To pay by credit card, use our site’s PayPal donation link at SpokaneFAVS.com/support-us/, and make a note that your donation is for Faith Feast tickets.

Tickets are limited!

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Connie Pittman-Carlson

Please include me in your newletter or posts! I’m interested in participating in the conversation! I plan to attend the Progressive Dinner on the 30th and look forward to meeting you there.

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