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Telling Your Story: A Personal Essay Workshop

Thursday, January 20, @ 7:00 pm


Jan. 20, 7 p.m., Spark Central, 1214 W Summit Parkway, Spokane.

Our life stories are a means for connection—a tender offering in a troubled era. Part reportage and part reflection, personal essays can reveal hidden truths about ourselves, our families, and our societies.

In this interactive and generative writing workshop, Kristen Millares Young will help participants tell their own stories. Available in English and Spanish, each hourlong session will begin with a one-page reading to inspire group discussion, followed by timed prompts that guide individual writing sessions. By weaving together community narratives, we can craft a vision for our future that includes hope and the capacity for unexpected change.

The session is sponsored by Spark Central and Humanities Washington.

For registration: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/contando-tu-historia-un-taller-de-escritura-personal-registration-223705538287


Humanities Washington
Spark Central

Ask A Jew: Star of David and Conversion

The Star of David is a well-known symbol of Judaism. To wear or use one when one isn’t Jewish or isn’t in the active process of officially becoming Jewish is cultural appropriation. I’ve written in the past about this exact topic: Ask A Jew: Wearing the Star of David.

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