Evangelical Christians Who Disagree on What the Bible Says About Human Sexuality Need to Coexist for the Sake of the Queer Community

The queer Christian community, whether they identify as queer or not, is diverse. Many hold to various interpretations of Scripture and what they believe God asks of them. Queller used his voice to stand for those in this community who find their sexual orientations part of God’s beautiful design and creativity and something to be celebrated. I would like to use mine for those in the queer Christian community who believe God calls them to a different path.

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How to Interpret the Bible

How to Interpret the Bible Sponsored Content Contributed Image The Bible is one of the best-selling books of all time and has been printed millions of times in several different languages.  However, it’s also caused a lot of controversies and everyone interprets it differently, leading to discussions and discord. But …

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