‘Tis the (Fan) Season

In my world there are five seasons: Fall, winter, spring, summer, and football. And when it comes to college football, I am a one-team fan. No surprise to those who know me, that team would be the University of Oregon Ducks.

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Ask A Baha’i: Manifestations of God

Baha’is regard them as “Manifestations of God.” Each Manifestation ushers in a new “dispensation” of religious teachings destined to guide humankind for many centuries. When circumstances warrant, a new Manifestation appears, reiterates God’s unchanging laws, and brings in new laws commensurate with humankind’s ability to implement those laws.

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I Left My Heart in Oregon

I was born in Oregon and though I have lived all over the country, I always considered the state my home. There was a time I thought I would retire there, probably to somewhere in the Willamette Valley, Portland, Salem or Eugene, my hometown. But then I married my Carla, and she is a Spokane girl.

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