Hate: Costs and Benefits


In my last post, I introduced an exploration of hate as an idea. We sometimes think of hate as this emotional force that overcomes us. As if we are walking down the street minding our own business, listening to Taylor Swift singing "haters gonna to hate, hate, hate, hate, hate," and like a vampire, coming upon us with a greeting of “good evening,” before launching onto our neck and sucking out our life and turning us into a creature of the night.

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Teaching All History Is Important

black history

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is discouraging teaching Black history in state high school classrooms. Why? DeSantis said it “pushes a political agenda,” which lacks educational standards. He is also proposing banning state universities from teaching diversity and inclusion theories.

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They Got Us

he gets us

Super Bowl fever infected the nation once again, as more than 113 million folks tuned in to watch the organized chaos that is professional football. Fox News charged advertisers some $7 million to run 30-second ads. There were 51 national commercials, several much longer than 30 seconds. Reports say Fox raked in some $600 million, with at least another $2.5 million going toward production costs.

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Why Is Lent an Important Season?


The word “Lent” has various meanings. According to the Collins Dictionary, the Ango-Saxon root of “Lencten” means Spring in Latin and the lengthening of the hours of daylight. It also signifies 40 days. In many faith traditions, the number 40 symbolizes key events. For example, both Moses and Jesus waited 40 days and nights before receiving God’s guidance.

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5 Reasons to Go for a Masters Program in Jewish Studies

5 Reasons to Go for a Masters Program in Jewish Studies Sponsored Content Students often can’t decide what to do after getting a bachelor’s degree. Sometimes they have trouble picking a master’s program. Some of the choices include computer sciences, business administration, or human research management. But, one may find …

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