Ask A Baha’i: Abrahamic Religions

Believed to be the promised stage in God’s progressive spiritual and social education of our planet, the Bahá’í Faith shares many similarities with Judaism, Christianity, and Islam such as monotheism, stories of many of the same prophets, scriptures in common, practices of prayer, centrality of Grace, and an emphasis on being called to an ethical relationship with our one Creator and Lord.

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Mobile Phone Apps For Christians

Mobile Phone Apps For Christians Sponsored Post Mobile phone apps don’t exactly have the best reputation among Christians or people of faith. In fact, mobile phones in general are sometimes viewed with disdain by people of a religious persuasion. They’re all-too-often the enemies of productivity, and we spend too much …

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The Grace of God in The Face of Covid

As I compose this article, 2,290,488 deaths have been reported to the World Health Organization. And yet, compared to some events in history, we’re in relatively good shape, which I attribute to God’s grace toward mankind.

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