5 Advice for Keeping the Faith in College

5 Advice for Keeping the Faith in College Sponsored Content The college environment is characterized with liberalism that tests the faith of the strongest among believers. Luckily, it is a stage of self discovery for the students, presenting a chance to affirm belief and ingrain the principles into your life. …

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Guns and Gun Control

There were four mass shootings in March, a total of 27 dead. The usual thoughts and prayers followed. Once again, various gun control bills have been suggested or even introduced at state and federal levels. None will pass or survive eventual court challenges or survive the refusal of some local police to enforce the laws that do pass.

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What Happens at a Christian Burial?

What Happens at a Christian Burial? Sponsored Content Contributed Image If you aren’t someone who goes to church regularly, then you might be intimidated by the idea of going to a Christian burial. However, you shouldn’t be worried. While Christian burials certainly have their rituals and traditions, most burials are …

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