Can Children Become Idols?

By Blogger Dr. Karin Heller Karin, I was really struck by one of the things you said in class Friday night and I have been going over it in my mind ever since. I won’t be able to quote you exactly, but you made reference that to put the love …

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Monday’s Religion Roundup: Cyber Monday, Black Atheists, New Mass

Welcome toCyber Monday! Hey, it’s got to be safer thanBlack Friday: less chance ofpepper spray, Tasers, fisticuffs. At least in my house. Mostly. Diana Butler Basscautions we preachers and elitists from savoring the low-hanging fruit ofconsumer bashing: “[T]he oddest thing about the folks in lines at those discount stores: They …

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Occupy Spokane, even on Thanksgiving

How did you spend your Thanksgiving? If you are like most Americans you spent it with family and/or friends, eating a special (turkey) dinner, watching football (or sitting around socializing while a football game played in the background). Maybe you even remembered to express thanks for the blessings of family, …

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