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Men’s Holy Week Retreat: Meeting the Lord in the Celebration of the Triduum

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Thursday, April 6, @ 4:30 pm Saturday, April 8, @ 1:00 pm

Father Roger Keeler

Day one: “Meeting the Lord on Holy Thursday.” 

Day two: Meeting the Lord on Good Friday.

Day three: Meeting the Lord on Easter Morning.”

Bio – Father Roger Keeler
Father Roger Keeler was ordained to the ministerial priesthood for service to the Archdiocese of Edmonton in 1984. He served the Archdiocesan Church in various ministries, including parish priest, professor of theology and canon law, and judicial vicar. In 2012 he accepted an invitation to teach at the Oblate School of Theology, where he continues to serve today as professor of canon law and theological field education. Father Roger has offered parish missions, retreats and workshops throughout all these years and welcomes each new invitation as an opportunity for a new encounter with the Lord and His People.

$280 ($240 Commuter Price)
6910 S. Ben Burr Road
Spokane, WA United States
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(508) 448-1224, ext. 109
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Weeping in Nashville

nashville shooting

This Monday morning, parents were dropping their children off at The Covenant School anticipating a bright, sunny, promising day of love, friendship and learning. No one could fathom what would happen soon after this, when a 28-year-old assailant entered the building and opened fire, resulting in the loss of life for three 9-year-old children, three adults on staff and then the assailant as police intervened.

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Religion and Employer Background Checks

Religion and Employer Background Checks Sponsored Content Chances are that you’ve heard of employer background checks. Indeed, they are a very common part of everyday work life – especially when it comes to applying for a new job. But have you ever considered what your potential employer looks for in …

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There Is No Divorcing Your Team

Gonzaga Basketball

My dear wife Carla is getting a divorce. Not from me. She is divorcing Gonzaga basketball. We go through this ritual every March when the Zags fall short of the long-sought national basketball championship as they did again Saturday night. “I’m done,” she will say. “Burn the T-shirts.”

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Call It Soros-Phobia

george soros

George Soros, the wealthy Hungarian-American financier and philanthropist, is the bogey man of the American right wing. They trace whatever they don’t like about liberalism or progressive politics back to Soros’ imaginary machinations. Soros is the puppet-master. George Soros is a Jew. These are antisemitic conspiracy theories.

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