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Japanese Drumming with Spokane Taiko

Saturday, May 12, 2018 @ 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Spokane Taiko, a Japanese drumming group, will play the rhythms of Japan on big Taiko drums. The performance will be followed by a hands-on workshop, where you get to play the drums. Who says you can’t be loud in the library? This is one of many Spokane Public Library programs celebrating Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage taiMonth.

Yet Again, Iran Persecutes Its Baha’i Minority

The latest example of Iran’s ongoing Baha’i  persecutions was described in yesterday’s New York Times as “a sweeping crackdown on its Baha’i community, a long-persecuted religious minority.” According to residents, rights groups, and the government itself, “dozens of people” have been arrested, and Baha’i properties have been destroyed.

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The Ethics Behind Kratom Consumption

The Ethics Behind Kratom Consumption Unsplash image The ethical questions surrounding kratom are as varied as the products themselves. Many people wonder about the legality of kratom consumption, whether it is safe, and if there are any side effects to the substance. This article will cover these questions and more, …

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The Ethics Behind The Therepeutic Use of Medical Cannabis

The Ethics Behind The Therepeutic Use of Medical Cannabis Sponsored Content Unsplash Image The ethical considerations surrounding the therapeutic use of medical marijuana are many, but this article will focus on the political and moral sentiments surrounding this controversial topic. It will also discuss social stigma and fairness in treating …

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Churches That Use Cannabis as a Sacrament

Churches That Use Cannabis as a Sacrament Sponsored Content Unsplash Image There are a number of churches that use cannabis as a sacrament. The International Church of Cannabis, First Church of Logic and Reason, and Tree of Life are just some of the many examples. But can a cannabis-based religion …

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