Summertime Spiritual Moment: Prayer Habits

Immaculate Heart Retreat Center 6910 S. Ben Burr Road, Spokane

Summertime Spiritual Moments are programs designed to give participants a taste of what it is like to attend a Day of Prayer or retreat. The event starts with Mass, followed …

The Long Goodbye

People living with dementia frequently have 10 years to say farewell to their loved ones; but unfortunately, those years are often muddled with confusion. The person involved does not realize they are losing their memories, basic knowledge of self-care and themselves.

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Alex Jones is ‘Scum’

But Alex Jones said Jesse was not real, not a potential academic superstar, not an athlete, not a leader. He said Jesse was an actor. He said the boy and the other Sandy Hook students were part of an elaborate “false flag” exercise staged by the U.S. government under former President Barack Obama to scare the public into supporting strict gun laws, maybe even to win support for repeal of the Second Amendment.

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