Donkeys Over Destruction: A prayer of peace for the Mideast

euphratesAfter reading Zechariah 9:9-12 in my new favorite devotional bible called The Voice Bible, I realized the lectionary passage this week provided my prayer for the escalating violence and the renewed war in Iraq. I know that reading, praying and working for this vision for the world runs contrary to so much we see and hear. But as spiritual practice, I believe his words should be the loudest to us, even if they seem like whispers among drums.

I find it a hopeful serendipity that the passage for this week specifically mentions peace for the area of the Euphrates river, which runs through the heart of Iraq and Syria.


“He will make peace with the nations;
His sovereignty will extend from coast to coast,
from the Euphrates River to the limits of the earth.” -Zechariah 9:10


I offer my reinterpretation of the prophesy of Zechariah as a prayer of peace:


Donkeys Over Destruction


Triumphant Donkey King,
We pray the ludicrous and luminous,
prayer of peace.


With weeping and laughter,
victors and survivors,
rejoice at wars end.


We lay our coats down,
paving the way of your arrival,
with all that protects us.


We commit to the work of peace,
dismantling pretense,
and preemptive fear.


We choose to stop,
and go home,
in courageous trust.


You make peace,
Your power is able,
tame our raging waters,
and extend calm,
to the ends of the earth.


We pray because you promised,
Blood ends blood,
and liberty is victorious,
over death.


Our homes are full again,
we return to one another,
hostages of hope,
secure in the abundant
spoils of peace.

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