Do Non-Denominational Churches Baptize?

Do Non-Denominational Churches Baptize?

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Did you know there are different types of baptism? If we talk about the non-denominal churches in particular. There will be a lot of interesting aspects of the religion to mention. 

For example, when it comes to baptism in non-denominational churches. There are two points to bring forward. First of all, these churches are mostly evangelists and hold a major part of Protestants. However, if we go by the virtue of definition, these churches are not part of any traditional denomination. Even though non-denominational churches are partnered with the most like-minded churches. 

Non-Denominational Churches Practice Baptism – Yes, or No? 

Generally speaking, the non-denominational belief system opts for baptism. However, if you want to know the details. Please know that it is because of the alignment of the baptism belief system. The only difference in the baptism is based on full immersion of baptism. The entire person is soaked, from head to toe once in the holy water. It is not just the sprinkling of holy water (this is what other churches practice). Likewise, some churches pour water which is not the case in non-denominational churches. 

Why Non-Denominational Churches Baptize Differently? 

The main reason for immersion and not pouring or sprinkling holy water is based on the difference in worship. According to some traditions, non-denominational churches believe in salvation. For them, baptism is all about salvation. If we travel back to history, in denominational groups like protestants, Lutherans, etc. baptism was essential for obedience and not important for salvation.

Last Words: Do Non-Denominational Churches Baptize? 

One word answer is – yes. However, the entire concept behind it relies on salvation and not obedience. Another major difference is between immersion and not sparkling or pouring holy water. These two differences are the reason why non-denominational baptism is not on the same level or keynote.  

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