Deciding family values

As I grow upward in years I start to consider the prospect of starting a family. I am beginning to think about parenting techniques, spanking, potty training, sex and religion. 

The last two issues seem to be more and more intermingled in our society. What should I teach my kids about sex? What should I teach them about religion? 

To be honest I would like to raise my children with Buddhist beliefs and traditions, but I would also like my children to have the freedom to choose their own path once they learn more about themselves and the world. I would like my children to know all about sex, to be unafraid of their sexuality and to feel loved no matter what they choose. Yet, I would like them to wait before they trouble their young minds with lustful thoughts, I want them to be cautious with their bodies and consequently their hearts, and I want them to feel a sense of moral responsibility when it comes to carnal acts.

I’m curious about how everyone else feels about the subject. Will the atheist raise atheist children? Would you (the collective you) shun or support homosexual children? Would you try to change them? Or suppress your own beliefs in favor of theirs? Will you support interfaith relationships in your children? Would you support polygamy?

It seems that many of us are blessed with children that challenge us, when do we push and when do we yield?

I haven’t figured out how I will make these big decisions, I would love to see how the readers/contributors feel.

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