Lacey Brown will be performing Jan. 3 at Creators' Table/Contributed

Creators’ Table Brings Visiting Artists To Spokane

After being awarded a $15,000 grant from the Calvin Institute, the Creators’ Table congregation is bringing a series of visiting artists to their church in 2020.

The first artist, Lacey Brown, will be performing at the church tonight at 7:30 p.m. at the chapel, 1832 W. Dean. Tickets are $5. On Saturday (Jan. 4) she’ll lead a morning of songwriting exploration at the church. Tickets are $20 and the workshop is open to those who want to dive deeper into the work of creating and innovating in a liturgical context, according to an announcement.

Brown is a singer and songwriter from Seattle where she works as the music director at Church of the Apostles. She also writes and records original music and re-imagined ancient chant and hymns for worship.

The funds from the grant will not only bring in artists like Brown, but will also support creative learning circles to correspond with their visits.

According to an announcement from Creators’ Table,”Through these experiences we seek to engage local artists in shared formation and hope that everyone in the Creators’ Table community comes to understand themselves as artists, co-creating with God.”

Next, Jan. 27-Feb. 1 Visual Artist Lanecia Rouse Tinsley from Houston will be discussing the creative process and how it informs community faith practice.

Then, Feb. 27-March 1 Colleen “Coke” Tani, an interdisciplinary artist, will be leading an embodiment workshop.

The series will wrap up April 23-25 with Rebecca Anderson, a Chicago pastor who will teach the community about storytelling.

Further information on each of the artists, and details about their presentations, is available on the Creators’ Table website.

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