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Covid Confusion

Covid Confusion

By Danielle Stephens

The last time I remember a strip of cloth being so controversial is when we were whispering about thongs in high school.

When a topic becomes polarized; rational discussion seems to fly out the window.

We are living in a “land of confusion” (Phil Collins). I sincerely believe that the average person is confused about how Covid-19 spreads and how the measures recommended by the CDC are intended to decrease the spread of the virus. There is also confusion about why some are treating Covid-19 as the bogeyman while others see it as no more than a severe flu.

To Mask or Not?

Today we shouldn’t wear masks, tomorrow masks for all, then no masks for vaccinated individuals, then back to everyone needs to wear one. Masks required, masks recommended, masks required again. Schools and businesses closed, open, closed, and open again.

Most people don’t have a strong grasp of immunology or epidemiology — why would we? If my mom weren’t immunocompromised while training as a medical assistant, I would not know as much as I do, and honestly, I don’t know much myself. Probably the biggest asset to this background is just being able to filter out the nonsense. I can hear things like, “there’s no point to social distancing if we just wash our hands” and know that’s not true. It is simple logic based on my limited knowledge of how viruses spread.

I don’t think I can eliminate the confusion here. But I want to draw attention to it so maybe I can encourage you to lay down the script and read it for yourself. What facts have you accepted without question — why?

Listen To Them

Are you willing to entertain the argument of those who disagree, for more than simply to dismantle their argument, but to learn for yourself another (valid) perspective? Do you know that all perspectives are valid even when we can refute the facts?

I remember people feeling ashamed of themselves for their perspectives in high school. Thank God, we didn’t readily know everyone’s stance on underwear. Imagine the divide we could have conquered if we were mature enough to have a rational discussion.

“For God is not a God of confusion but of peace, as in all the churches of the saints,” 1 Corinthians 14:33.

This confusion is not something God stands for. Does that mean arrogant ignorance is better? No. What we need is to cry out humbly for his wisdom.

We are not omniscient, but we don’t have to be confused.

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Danielle Stephens is a 30-something woman who has happened to find Jesus, a good man, an unlikely career of accounting, and more recently the role of stay-at-home mother to three sweet, rowdy children. She taps out thoughts in spurts of passion on her phone and publishes a tenth of them on her tiny blog, foundmercy.com.

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