Community leaders to discuss death penalty

On March a group of panelists will discuss death penalty alternatives at Liberty Park United Methodist Church. The forum is presented byThe Peace & Justice Action League of Spokane's Inland Northwest Death Penalty Group, which has been working toward the abolition of the death penalty in Washington.

Are you for or against the death penalty?

The panelists are abolitionist Nancy Nelson,former corrections officer Cly Evans, family member of an individual on death row Victoria Thorpe,former Deputy Prosecutor the Rev. Deb Conklin and rector ofSalem Lutheran Church the Rev. Liv Larson Andrews. Sara Schmidt, regional field organizer at Amnesty International USA, will serve as moderator.

The group will talk about the fiscal costs of the death penalty, why they feel it should be abolished, and how community members can get involved. A question and answer session will follow the panel discussion. For information visit the Safe and Just Alternatives website. Rev. Deb Conklin and Rev. Liv Larson are SpokaneFAVS contributors.

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