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Communicating With Your Angels How to Talk to Angels

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When you’re dealing with times of crisis (as many of us are right now), you may find yourself wanting to reach out to a listening ear that understands. 

Sometimes those ears belong to our guardian angels. 

Whether you feel that your guardian angel is always present, or you’re trying to get their attention, you may be interested in knowing how to talk to angels directly. 

Keep reading to learn how to find peace by talking to your guardian angels.

Trust Your Intuition

You may not always be able to see your guardian angel, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t know that they’re present and listening. 

If you feel that your guardian angel is nearby, it’s okay to simply start talking as if you were talking to a friend or loved one. 

The act of speaking out loud will likely make you feel better on its own, but you may also have someone listening to your worries. 

Mindfully Include Them

Being mindful of your actions and thoughts is helpful when you’re trying to connect with your guardian angel. People achieve mindfulness in different ways, sometimes through yoga or guided meditation, but your goal is really just to be present.

When you’re present and totally aware of your situation, include your angel in your activities. 

Are you taking a walk? Imagine them there with you. While you’re in these moments of peace you’ll be better able to visualize your angel. 

Pay Attention to Symbols

Sometimes angels can send you signs to let you know that they’re there, even though you can’t actually see them.

These can be any number of things, but using your intuition (like in the previous section) can help you gauge when they’re present.

Maybe a certain sound lets you know when they’re listening, or perhaps it’s an animal like a specific bird. Maybe it’s a sunny day when all forecasts called for rain. 

Pay attention to these things; you never know who’s listening. 

Remember Your Dreams

One of the best ways to talk to angels is in your sleep. 

Dreaming puts you into a different state of consciousness, and many people think that this state leaves you more open to communication from earth or beyond.

If you’re someone who has trouble remembering your dreams, buy a dream journal to write them down as soon as you wake up. Making this a practice will potentially make it easier for you to remember your dreams. 

Write Your Truth

When you’re trying to communicate with your guardian angel, try writing your thoughts down as if it were a letter.

This can be therapeutic on its own, but you may also have more success with this avenue. Even if your angel isn’t listening at the moment, they may still catch on to the note that you’ve left them. 

How to Talk to Angels, the Takeaways

You may not always see them, but your guardian angels are listening. When you want to remember how to talk to angels, remember to follow your instincts, write your thoughts, and maybe even try taking a nap. 

Having faith in your angels will bring them to you.

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