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Coffee Talk today: The importance, challenges of interfaith work in Spokane

December Coffee Talk

Update: Today almost 50 people attended Coffee Talk. That’s our biggest turnout yet! And we raised $183 in donations, sold two t-shirts and one reader committed to making a $30 monthly donation to us.

Thank you!

Join us today for the first Coffee Talk of the year!

Our panelists will be discussing the importance and challenges of interfaith work in Spokane.

Panelists include R. Skyler Oberst (pluralist perspective), Neal Schindler (Jewish), Emily Geddes (Mormon) and guest panelist Venerable Thubten Samten from Sravasti Abbey (Buddhist). Their articles on this topic can be found here.

The conversation begins at 10 a.m. at Indaba Coffee.

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Joy McMahon

Please let me know when you have your next coffee talk and where and time? Thanks.

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