Photo of March Coffee Talk, held at Indaba.

Coffee Talk: Spirituality and Relationships

In June Coffee Talk led a discussion on spirituality and relationships. Related posts are below.


“Gays, spirituality and the new “shibboleth” in our cultural conversations”

Right out of the gate at the last “Coffee Talk” gathering the discussion on Spirituality & Relationships was guided immediately into the gay marriage issue.  Read more.

“Exploring the interplay of relationships and spirituality”

I can see it in her face even when she dismisses it as “not a big deal.” Read more.

“Community and the pyramid of spiritual development”

It’s like a pyramid, really. Read more.

“Why we need conflict”

Every one of us has been hurt by another person. Read more.

“Do married couples have to pray together?”

Whenever marital life and spirituality come up in Christian circles, it’s generally assumed that sharing one’s personal devotional life with your spouse is the only proper expression of spiritual health in married life.  Read more.

“The Bible discourages marriage for the sake of your spiritual life”

In an era when everyone is crying out for the right to marry, the wisdom of the Apostle Paul might be good to heed. Read more.

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