TODAY — Coffee Talk: Engaging Millennials

Join us for our next Coffee Talk today at 10 a.m. where our panelists will discuss “Engaging Millennials.”

It's no secret that millennials (those born from the 1980s and on) are not only leaving the Christian church, but are leaving religion altogether — and at a rapid pace.

Why is that? What, if anything, can religious organizations do to better engage this demographic? Or, is Generation Y simply forming their own form of spirituality that religious leaders can learn from?

This discussion will take place at Revel 77 Coffee, 3223 E 57th Ave.

Hope to see you there!

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Dyna American

My first counsel to millennial. Drink less coffee. or switch to decaf, Second, its not all about you. Third, you’ll have babies too, they will complain about how your generation messed it up for them as well. What the Lion King calls the “circle of life”.

Maxliner System

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