Church Online: 3 Ways You Can Stay Connected Today

Church Online: 3 Ways You Can Stay Connected Today

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When it comes to church attendance, you’ll find people on all ends of the spectrum. Some can’t wait to get back to church as usual, while others feel more cautious about in-person services.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) strongly advises the practice of social distancing. Even so, many states have not yet given churches the green light to re-open church buildings.

Just because you can’t assemble with your friends at church doesn’t mean you can’t connect.

Explore three ways you can experience church online. It’s a fantastic way to stay connected!

Watch Live Church Services Online

Gathering publicly as a church family is the highlight of the week for most churchgoers. The new normal, at least for the time being, means worshipping at home.

For many people, it’s been an awkward transition, but through technology, we’ve come to realize that God is present with us no matter where we look. For an example of how the church community benefits from using technology, look at how this church creates opportunities to connect online.

To help members stay informed about service times and other church-related online events such as prayer meetings, most churches send out weekly emails. If you can’t attend the live stream, you can usually access the recorded service at your convenience.

Connect on Social Media

You likely already use social media to connect with friends and family. Why not experience conversation and community with your church as well?

Many churches use their digital space to live stream services, but they also post a variety of content meant to keep people connected throughout the week. The best way to use social media as a connection tool is to participate in the conversations. Who knows, maybe you’ll even meet a few new friends!

Speaking of friends, maybe you have a few who are feeling a bit disconnected right now. Read on for ways you can include them in your online church activities.

Invite a Friend to Live Church Online

If you’re feeling left out of the loop spiritually, you likely have friends who feel the same way.

Since most states now encourage people to gather at home in groups of 10 or less, as long as everyone is healthy, consider hosting a watch party. While you can host the party in your home, you can also set up anywhere you have access to the internet.

Get creative! Could you make it a party in the park? What about a poolside gathering?

Snacks, good friends, and an opportunity to worship with others in-person help everyone feel more connected to a church, especially during a time when many feel isolated and lonely.

Just because it’s an online church service doesn’t mean you can’t experience a vibrant, meaningful worship time with friends.

Looking to Connect?

We hope reading today’s post inspires you to try our ideas for staying connected with your church during a time when we’re encouraged to keep our distance. You may even come up with a few of your ideas of your to build connections in your spiritual community.

For more ideas on making church online a rich experience, or to read other faith-based articles, come hang out with us a while longer on our blog.

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