On Good Friday 2013 a group of Christians gathered in downtown Spokane to participate in Urban Stations of the Cross. Photo courtesy of local photographer Jeffrey Neuberger.

Church Invites Public on Good Friday Pilgrimage Through Downtown Spokane

St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church invites the public to join them in a Good Friday pilgrimage through downtown Spokane on April 3 to trace the path that Jesus walked from his arrest and trial to the crucifixion on the cross and his burial.

According to an announcement, the stations will begin with an opening prayer at the Rotary Fountain at Riverfront Park (Howard and Spokane Falls Blvd.) at noon, and finish at the parking lot under the freeway (Howard and W 4th) about 2 p.m.

The stations include: “Jesus is condemned” at the Federal Courthouse, “Jesus takes up his cross” at the “Occupy Triangle”, “Jesus falls” at the bus transit center, “The cross is laid on Simon of Cirene” at City Gate urban ministry, “A woman wipes Jesus’ face” at a Cup of Cool Water street teen ministry, “Jesus meets the women of Jerusalem” at Women’s Hearth day center for women, “Jesus is stripped of his garments” at Mosaic Fellowship, “Jesus dies” at Crosswalk homeless teen ministry, and “Jesus is laid in the tomb” under the freeway. The entire route is about 2 miles to walk. Participants will be encouraged to take turns carrying the cross and reading the meditations at each station.

For information call The Rev. Bill Osborne at (509) 448-2255.

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