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Center for Spiritual Living supports Paris Accords

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Center for Spiritual Living supports Paris Accords


According to a press release, the Centers for Spiritual Living (CSL) stands in support of the Paris Climate Accord and considers the recent decision by the Trump Administration to back out of the agreement to be a significant setback for any global effort to curb global warming.

Rev. Dr. Kenn Gordon, the public face of Centers for Spiritual Living, says, “We believe that God acts through creation, not independently of it. Statements which have been made to the effect that, ‘God will take care of Global Warming,’ fail to recognize that each of us individually and us as a whole are responsible for our own experience – that God acts through creation. If we want a green and verdant planet, we will have to act in ways which support that outcome.”

“Centers for Spiritual Living believes climate change and environmental deterioration are moral issues and as a spiritual organization, we must take a stand,” said Gordon. “Climate change will not only affect our generation, but our children, our grandchildren, and all future generations of humanity, as well as other forms of life. We stand united with other faith communities in our call to care for the earth and to protect the poor and suffering.

CSL recognizes the evidence of science: Human activity is the main cause of the climate crisis. This crisis is seen in the extreme weather, changes to seasons, rising sea levels, species extinctions, the melting of glaciers, and shrinking of the polar ice caps. The scientific consensus is clear,” he said.

He continued, adding, “The United States can best serve its own interests and those of all of humanity by continuing to be an environmental leader of the world in reducing emissions. The decision to exit from the Paris Agreement, according to Gordon, moves in the opposite direction.

“We recognize that our good is within us, so we awaken to our individual responsibility and empowerment to properly steward our planet. So, let our voices be heard and let our actions speak of our love for our planet,” said Gordon.

The statement includes links to information about being “good stewards of our planet.”

What communities should do to protect against climate change (The Atlantic)

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