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The Spiritual Impacts of Wearable Technology: Mindfulness and Well-being in the Digital Age

We are currently living in a technological era where devices have become indispensable. These gadgets are omnipresent, adorning our everyday lives—from our pockets to our heads and everything in between. Undeniably, our increasing dependence on these tools has prompted us to contemplate the potential impact on our mental state. Let's delve into some reflections on this matter.

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Why Church Adepts Must Be Willing to Forgive

Why Church Adepts Must Be Willing to Forgive Sponsored Content Forgiveness is a fundamental aspect of many faiths and ethical systems that holds significant power. Refusing to forgive or holding grudges can cause emotional and physical harm, and the effects can be long-lasting. The importance of forgiveness is so substantial …

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How Couples Can Restore Trust in the Digital Age

How Couples Can Restore Trust in the Digital Age Sponsored Content Woman at home on a video call with man – happy couple talking at seeing each other during quarantine and self isolating – Friends and families using technology to reduce distance/DepositPhotos The digital age provides many opportunities. Some individuals …

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Is Gambling a Sin?

Is Gambling a Sin? Sponsored Content Gambling has been around since early civilizations. Regardless of the time period, gambling has always been a controversial hobby.  Different cultures all over the world gamble, so it’s not a concept that originated in a particular geography and was imported afterwards. In other words, …

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