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Ask A Mormon: The church, families and homosexuality

The LDS Church has been clear on its position that same-sex marriage is a serious sin, and it will disqualify a person for membership in the LDS Church. So questions and concerns about what this means for children of same-sex couples who may want to be baptized into the LDS Church are definitely valid.

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Ask A Catholic: Mass is boring

I’d first offer that many of life’s most essential duties are boring -- changing the oil in your car, going to the dentist, cleaning the house -- and yet, our lives wouldn’t function to their fullest without such things. So, too is the practice of Catholics going to Mass.

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Ask A Jew: The Israeli Government

I think most American Jews don’t see Israel as perfect; it’s not some kind of magical state that can do no wrong. Nonetheless, many Jews I know seem concerned about the frequency and tenor of criticism -- some would say attacks -- launched against the Israeli government these days, particularly by left-wing activist groups.

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