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Ask A Religious Scientist: Religious Science vs. Unity

The major difference today is that Centers for Spiritual Living, what Religious Science is now known as, has ongoing classes that lead adherents to a point of being licensed practitioners ready to start ministerial classes.

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Ask A Mormon: Beliefs, practices after suicide

Today there is a much more compassionate understanding of the mental and emotional turmoil that would lead someone to take his or her own life and there are no restrictions on funerals for those died this way being held in LDS chapels nor are there any other arrangements that would set them apart from other funerals.

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Ask A Buddhist: Skillful and Compassionate Speech

My teacher, Ven. Thubten Chodron, speaks of our mouths being our own personal weapons of mass destruction. In a careless moment we can destroy a lifetime of friendship. On a larger scale, a few lies can bring fear to thousands and even spark global conflict.

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An Eastern Orthodox View on Truth

This column first appeared in 2015.  By Nicholas Damascus “Do not dispute over the truth with someone who does not know the truth, but from the person who is eager to know the truth, do not withhold words from him” –  Saint Isaac the Syrian For Eastern Orthodox Christians, “the truth” is Christ, a person, the incarnate word, the authenticity …

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