Obama to exempt religious groups from contraception mandate

Facing growing backlash from religious groups over the administration's birth control insurance plan, President Obama on Friday will unveil a new arrangement whereby insurers at religiously affiliated institutions — such as Catholic hospitals and universities — will not have to provide contraception coverage. The new approach effectively removes faith-based organizations …

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Five reasons why Obama is losing the contraception fight

The White House has surprised observers and disappointed some liberal allies by signaling that it is willing to compromise and provide a broader religious exemption in its controversial regulations requiring all employers to provide free contraception coverage. Given that birth control use is almost universal — even among Catholics — …

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Speaker to discuss future of grizzly bears

Grizzly bear expert Jeff Gailus will be the guest lecturer on Feb. 22 for the Environmental Studies Speaker Series at Gonzaga University. The Canadian conservation author will read from his book “The Grizzly Manifesto” and discuss the future of the animals in the United States and Canada. “If you care …

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Tuesday’s Religion News Roundup: Transformers, Santorum, the Onion

Could Rick Santorum become theGOP flavor-of-the-day…again? More voting today. Sean Trende has a blur of numbers that clearly show how states with large evangelical populations are coming into play, and that could hurt Mitt Romney. “Is Santorum a long shot? Certainly,” saysThe Washington Post's Jennifer Rubin. “Can we make this a competitive race?Muchweirder things have happened …

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