What an Interfaith Community Center can mean for Spokane

But it won’t be a space just for FāVS. In staying true to our mission, we want to emphasize community and be a resource for the people of Spokane. We hope the space will be used by groups - of any faith - who need a space for classes, workshops, retreats, weddings or even a neutral place to worship. 

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A festival of much-needed uplift

In addition to calling for real, needed action against neo-Nazism and its apologists, Jews I know are also making it clear that they’re not going anywhere; that they can’t be cowed by hate; and that Jewish tradition itself provides essential tools to deal with bigotry. It’s highly appropriate, then, that the upcoming Spokane Jewish Cultural Film Festival (full disclosure: I organize it) highlights themes of Jewish resilience and perseverance in the face of daunting challenges.

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Pulling Equal Weight: These Numbers Didn’t Lie

Grabbing a sheet of paper, I started listing household tasks in one column and then created two adjacent columns to record the percentage of each chore Ellen and I performed. How sweet this was going to be when, upon completing the list, I would see the 50/50 split in nearly every category, except for those where the percentage was heavily weighted on my side.

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