Brief: Discussing sex and the soul

On April 1 Donna Freitas, assistant professor at Boston University, will present “Sex and the Soul” at Whitworth University. Freitas is the author of “This Gorgeous Game,” “The Possibilities of Sainthood” and “Sex and the Soul.” Her academic focus has been on the struggle of belonging and alienation with regard …

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Church, university join in Shower of Stoles

Bethany Presbyterian Church and the Eastern Washington University Pride Center are teaming up April 22-29 to present Shower of Stoles. The Shower of Stoles project began in the mid 1990s when Presbyterian ministerMartha Juillerat wasfaced with the threat of being defrocked by the church it was discovered she was a …

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Pastor: Stop the War in Afghanistan

Enough already with the war in Afghanistan! It was NEVER a good idea and if you at the Pentagon don't believe that, I invite you to look at history. Afghanistan doesn't take well to foreign occupiers, or helpers or whatever you want to call this current fiasco we have ourselves …

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Millennials yearn for community

A few weeks ago I became enthralled by an article in the Wall Street Journal which highlighted the universality of community and shared meaning — values that are often fostered by religions. In the article, the author, Alain de Botton, writes about the loneliness of modern society and how, “we …

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Whitworth class explores post-apartheid South Africa

Last year, 23 Whitworth students spent four weeks in South Africa learning about the multi-ethnic people there as they continue to build a post-apartheid society. The class, “Contemporary South Africa,” examines the historical, social, political, and religious contexts of South Africa, according to a press release. The class focused mainly …

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