Help! My boyfriend is Catholic!

Dr. Heller,   I’ve been raised a Protestant my whole life and have a strong faith. My family members are also very dedicated in their faith. My boyfriend, on the other hand, is Catholic. My dad constantly tells my brothers and I that we should marry someone who has the …

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Tuesday’s Religion News Roundup: St. Valentine’s Day edition

You may know that St. Valentine was a martyred Roman cleric, but did you know what he was arrested and imprisoned for? Secretly marrying Christian couples. Speaking of prison, ah, um, marriage (kidding honey!) Washington state became the seventh state (including D.C.) to legalize gay marriage. Louisville's Catholic bishop explains thatthe church doesn't allow …

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WA becomes 7th state to legalize gay marriage

In an emotive ceremony today, Gov. Chris Gregoire signed legislation making Washington the seventh sate to legalize gay marriage. “Today is a day that historians will mark as a milestone for equal rights,” she said to a hailing crowd. The House passed the bill with a 55—43 vote last week, …

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Changing Spokane through personal narratives

Church isn't the change agent it once was. It's not transforming neighborhoods or shaping communities anymore, at least not from where Joel Williamson stands. So he's taking it on himself. In October, with the help of three West Central Neighborhood pastors, Williamson, 29, launched The Oak Tree. It's not a …

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How to lose a girl in less than 10 words

I can lose a girl in less than 10 words. There are all kinds of possibilities. The classics are, “I watch football all day long,” or, “I still live with my mother.” Or there's my favorite, “I want to be a writer.” But those all take six words. I can …

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A 2-year-old’s lesson in happiness

Here is a riddle. Ask most people what they want out of life and what do they answer? Happiness! It's common both in the amount of times you hear it and in how mundane the answer is, like some beauty pageant contestant claiming holding hands will bring universal utopia. We …

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