LGBTQ and Employment: One Important Step

Before June 15 employment discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity was partially prohibited in 25 states; now we know it is prohibited federally. But there are still questions left unanswered and we have to wait for further litigation to understand the full meaning of the Court’s decision.

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Ask An Evangelical: Living an Ethical Life

Morals don’t come pre-packaged from the grocery store. People get them from childhood upbringing; dramatic life experiences; religious beliefs; discussions with family, colleagues, and friends; the ethical teachings of whatever philosophers the person may have read, and probably many more sources.

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Yes, confederate names matter

If you would be offended seeing a swastika on public display, then you understand how American blacks react to the names of 10 military installations that bear the names of Confederate generals -- names like Benning and Bragg.

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