An ode to Biblical Football

Football is a contact sport and in the minds of many, a violent sport.  Some people of faith even ask the question, “does God approve of a game that teaches, encourages, and applauds a player for “slobberknocking” (a football term not found in the dictionary) their opponent on their back?”

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Car accidents, weddings, and God

There’s an old phrase: whistling past the graveyard. To whistle past the graveyard is to pretend that death will not happen. It is to pretend that you are immortal, or that your youth and life will never run out.

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Earth’s fiery travail

Both Genesis and the Enuma Elish describe the earth as being formed from out of  chaos and into order. The giant impact hypothesis of 1975 states that the moon is a byproduct of a massive impact of the earth and another giant body called Theia. It’s a crazy idea, but there’s actually some supporting evidence.

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