Jesus Satire, Stephen Colbert and free speech

Around the same time the YouTube trailer sparked violence in parts of the Muslim world, Harvard Professor Karen King disclosed an ancient papyrus in which Jesus supposedly said “My wife …”

Christians believe Jesus was never married and the insinuation that it might be otherwise could have seemed sacrilegious to a vast number of Christians.

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Spokane leaders discuss gay marriage

This week Rotary Club 21 in downtown Spokane hosted a “leadership dialogue” featuring Bishop Blase Cupich, of the Catholic Diocese of Spokane and Spokane City Councilman Jon Snyder. The topic was referendum 74 dealing with marriage equality.

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SpokaneFAVS and The Church of What Will Be

At some point church, and religion for that matter, became the cultural preserver and not the culture maker. The Christian tradition, the tradition I am most familiar with, was a dynamic force for equality that tore down boundary after boundary and eventually deconstructed the ideology of the Roman Empire.

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Understanding end times

BETHESDA, MD — The world probably isn’t going to end in December.

On Friday Simon Martin, of Penn Museum, said 2012 end of world predictions are based only on a small piece of the Mayan calendar.

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