Getting justice for victims of Connecticut’s witch trials

At 82, Bernice Mable Graham Telian doubts she’ll live long enough to see the name of her seventh grandmother and 10 others hanged in Colonial Connecticut for witchcraft cleared.
Telian was researching her genealogy when she discovered that her seventh grandmother, Mary Barnes of Farmington, Conn., was sent to the gallows at the site of the old State House in Hartford in 1663.

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Officials: Fire at north side Mormon church was arson

Spokane Fire Department officials have confirmed that yesterday's blaze at a local Mormon church was arson.

The fire was intentionally set with some sort of accelerant around 2 p.m. on Tuesday at at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints located at 732 West Indiana Ave.

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Brief: Aging is not for sissies

On Oct. 13 The Franciscan Place at St. Joseph Family Center will host "Aging is NOT for sissies" a half-day workshop for women at least 55 years old.

Women are invited to discuss the second half of life with presenter Barbara Burkart.

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Why I won’t buy an iPhone 5

Unfortunately, when these technically frazzled people turn to religion, they are often hit with more rules and demands. Religions often focus backwards while progress speeds forward, leaving adherents painfully stretched in between like on a medieval torture device.

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