National peace leader to speak in Spokane

Washington State’s Faith Action Network is working with several Spokane-area groups to host a Fall Advocacy Forum, featuring Diane Randall as the keynote speaker.

Randall serves as the executive secretary of the Friends Committee on National Legislation, a 70-year-old peace lobby in Washington, D.C. During her visit she will present, "Not Under the Bus, Not Off the Cliff: lifeline programs, Pentagon spending, and our values in action."

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Washington gay marriage fight has money, ‘daunting’ odds

In the headquarters of Washington United for Marriage, a large collage displays a list of the high-powered sponsors backing the ballot-measure campaign to legalize same-sex marriage in the state.

With its relatively low churchgoing population and social libertarianism, Washington may be the state where voters are most likely to approve gay marriage next month

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The 7 days of Genesis

Most theologians today consider the first chapter of Genesis to be a response to the Babylonian creation epic called the Enuma Elish. Both accounts are concerned with the conquest of order over chaos. The Enuma Elish begins with “When on high,” and Genesis begins similarly, although with a unique Hebrew spin, with “In the beginning.”

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