Which warrior women does your faith feature?

The Pentagon announced Thursday (Jan. 24) that women can serve in combat positions. But take a look through history — and religious traditions — and you'll see that female fighters are nothing new.

When news of the Pentagon's plan made it the mainstream on Wednesday (Jan. 23), Christianity Today took a brief look at warrior women of the Bible.

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Featured conversation: Are polyamorous relationships OK?

Today we're launching a new weekly feature, per the suggestion of our writers.

Part of our mission is to spark dialogue in this community about faith and ethics. This dialogue, we believe, can lead to changed minds, better understanding, an increase in interfaith work and a more tolerant community.

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POLL: Are you a Zag?

Today (Jan. 24) is National Gonzaga Day.

The university is encouraging Zags everywhere to unite in spirit and gather in person to, "celebrate all things Gonzaga."

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Losing our religion

Kyle has a permanent tattoo on the inside of his wrist that says “Salvation from the cross,” but he no longer believes in God. He wants to believe, but sees evolution and science as telling him there is no God. Miriam was raised as a Jew, but is not sure she believes in God anymore. Now she describes herself as agnostic. Yusuf was raised as a Muslim, but calls himself atheist. These are some of the voices heard on the series Losing Our Religion that aired on NPR last week.

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