A lesson from a painful memory

Today I’m 15 years old again. I’m wearing a plaid shirt. My hair is in a ponytail. I just said happy birthday to my friend and left school. I’m outside now, walking home.

But now I’m frozen, my legs anchored to the sand beneath me.

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Lesson: Time stops for no one

The biggest spiritual lesson I learned this year is time stops for no one.

I had two of my four kids move out during the summer. My only daughter got married and my oldest son moved out with a buddy.

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Controlling the uncontrollable

Like the volatile nature of gun powder, gun control debates can explode at any second if struck with the right amount of fire power. Following the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School on Dec. 14, the nation has been buzzing about what we should do with guns: More guns, fewer guns, and mental health care have all been argued over and over in the foul and fervent fashion that only online discussions could offer.

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Who should step in to pray at Obama’s inauguration?

Atlanta pastor Louie Giglio’s short-lived stint as one of two people chosen to pray at President Obama’s upcoming inauguration has opened debate about who could step in and offer the benediction.
Various groups have offered their suggestions, from GLAAD to Huffington Post to ThinkProgress, which unearthed the damning mid-1990s sermon against homosexuality that prompted Giglio to withdraw. (ThinkProgress’ list is especially interesting)

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